Regional Leadership Conference (RLC)

Engineering a Path to Leadership

“The single biggest way to impact an organization is to focus on leadership development. There is almost no limit to the potential of an organization that recruits good people, raises them up as leaders and continually develops them.”  ~John Maxwell

As the first conference of the year, the Regional Leadership Conference (RLC) is directed specifically towards supporting chapter leadership.   At RLC, youth leaders will receive position-specific training, professional and leadership development, and the opportunity to network with your peers throughout the region.   Not typically a conference attended by PCI chapters, this is a conference our future leaders shouldn't miss!

DMV NSBE, Jr. Chapter Leadership:  Like all NSBE chapters, its' success is highly dependent on the strength of its' leadership.  RLC is the #1 place to be for current & prospective leaders to learn skills that will best prepare you to handle any situations that may arise during your time as chapter leaders. With these skills, you'll be able to take your chapter to the next level as we all strive to meet our new regional directive of Academic Excellence.  


Activate the Leader In You!

DMV NSBE, Jr. members attending the RLS will also learn skills to help you work more effectively both as individual leaders and as cohesive boards & chapter committees. Individual growth will be highlighted with building skills in goal setting, event planning and execution, alongside position-focused training; while group growth will focus on  conflict resolution and remaining accountable to your fellow board members. 

Attendees will also have the opportunity to partake in a think tank with your regional and chapter counterparts to share and come up with ideas for the school year, and you'll get to work with other NSBE demographics to find new ways to connect the Professional, Collegiate and PCI chapters. All these opportunities and more are geared towards making sure that YOU are as prepared for your future as not only a chapter leader, but as a leader among your peers in your academic and personal lives. 

**This conference is the PERFECT opportunity to boost your leadership development and have a strong start to your year in youth leadership within NSBE, your school, a church youth ministry or other youth organization. 


Region II Leadership Conference

The Best Place for NSBE Leadership Training!

What's great about this conference for DMV NSBE, Jr?  This year's RLC is right here in Washington, DC!

Location: The Wink Hotel (1143 New Hampshire, NW   20037) 

Dates: Friday evening, 8/31 - Sunday Morning, 9/2     (**Daily - No Overnight Stay, unless 

            you wish to pay for the hotel)

Cost: $50 per student (The chapter is paying the difference for registration) 

Attire: Professional, Business Casual 

            (Young Men: slacks, shoes, dress shirt & tie; Young Ladies: Slacks & a              blouse or Knee-length dresses or knee-length skirts w/a blouse & shoes)

**No jeans, sneakers or leisure-wear.  

**Students may also elect to wear a suit if they wish.

What to Bring: Laptop or iPad (equivalent) for note-taking; pad/pens; cellphone (to stay in contact w/chapter members & parents - and take pictures); money for snacks/emergency; questions for possible leadership mentors; an attentive demeanor & eagerness to learn!

The Regional Leadership Conference is open to all serious-minded, mature 5th-12th grade DMV NSBE, Jr. chapter members; especially current chapter officers AND any 5th-12th Grade members interested in running for chapter office during September's elections.

Don't Miss Out!

Participate in workshops and learn from other chapter leaders.   Hear NSBE Collegiate members share how they balance maintaining their grades at school with being involved in extra-curricular activities, work AND staying actively involved with NSBE.

Get connected with collegiate NSBE mentors & meet STEM professionals who can help you set your path for academic success!

Pay For RLC Registration