Guest Speakers

Inspire the Next Gen of STEM


We believe that all young scientists, future engineers and aspiring computer programmers regardless of their background should have the opportunity to be encouraged and inspired by engaging with STEM professionals and others leading the way in science & technology. Our monthly speakers’ series invites these specialists to share their insights, experiences and more about their area of STEM expertise through talks with students. It is our hope that each guest speaker will help inspire our students and expose them to different technical majors and professions in the STEM field.



Topics could include the challenges faced during your academic journey as a STEM major, focus on your current role or sector within the STEM world or who or what inspired you to pursue a career in STEM.  Talks can act as insight in to the daily life of working in a given field or role and support the broadening of career aspirations.  



Resilience, hard work, finding what motivates you, dealing with failure, changing paths... these are just a few of the messages that come out of our speakers sharing their experiences with our students, so they can see their own potential and embrace the opportunities that are waiting for them. 



Sharing real-life experiences and insights, as someone at top of their profession, can directly encourage, inspire and broaden the horizons for young science enthusiasts interested in pursuing a technical degree and career in STEM.  

Be the change that you want to see in the STEM world by participating in our monthly speaker series – the 90 minutes you share will change the life of our DMV NSBE, Jr. members and possibly lead to the next Katherine Johnson, Britney Exline, Dr. Nancy Abu-Bonsrah or Tiera Guinn!