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Membership With Dynamic Mathematical Visionaries NSBE, Jr.

Welcome to the DMV NSBE, Jr. family! 

The 2019-20 Membership Fees (August-June)

Before May 25th, 2019 

$375 for the 1st child $350 for each additional sibling 

*within the same immediate family

After May 26th - Before June 28th 

(Now extended to July 5th) 

$400 for the 1st child $375 for each additional sibling 

*within the same immediate family

REFUND POLICY: Families may request a partial (50%) refund in writing before September 30th, 2019.  No refunds will be given after October 1st, 2019.  **Chapter dues cover the entire NSBE Season (August 1st - June 5th, including any pre-season dates as decided by chapter advisors &/or teams/coaches).  

Chapter dues can not be pro-rated.  Refund requests will be handled within 5-7 business days from the date of request.

**DMV NSBE, Jr. is a volunteer-led organization.  It's success is due to the commitment of parent-volunteers; this is a FUBU (For Us By Us) chapter and NOT a drop-off organization.  Please thoroughly read through all aspects of the organization and ask questions BEFORE paying chapter dues.  


What Does DMV NSBE, Jr. Membership Include?

The membership dues allow students to participate in BOTH a mathematics competition (program) AND a technical competition (program); our exciting enrichment programs and activities as well as attend MOST chapter sponsored leadership & professional development workshops during the 2019-20 season.  

*Some workshops may be an additional nominal fee based on presenter.

All of the above mentioned & lots more is included in the Chapter Membership Dues.  **Although some students may not want to participate in a competition team, chapter dues must be paid in full in order to participate in ANY activities offered by our chapter. 


Benefits of Membership

Becoming a member with DMV NSBE, Jr. offers students the opportunity for year-round early exploration in engineering, technology and other STEM fields. Membership means enjoying the many benefits from participating in weekly hands-on STEM activities; mentoring opportunities from NSBE Collegiate members at both Howard University and George Washington University as well as mentoring by local STEM professionals to internships; SAT Prep & scholarship opportunities, college tours and more! 

Why Should My Family Join NSBE, Jr?


Membership: Pathway to the STEM World

Whether it’s having more exposure to STEM enrichment or pursuing a technical degree in engineering; becoming an astrophysicist, biochemist, meteorologist, neuro-scientist, computer programmer, mathematician, cyber security or even a paleontologist… Everything you need to help nurture & support your path in the STEM world can be found with Dynamic Mathematical Visionaries NSBE, Jr.


DMV NSBE, Jr. Dues & Membership Also Includes:

*Student registration for the 46th NSBE Convention (San Antonio, TX)

*Registration for local competitions 

(Based on Chapter Advisor determinations) 

*Monthly youth leadership workshops.

*Annual unlimited-access subscription to IXL.com

*A vote in all chapter issues at Chapter Meetings

*Access to exclusive chapter events

*Invitation to events by our Partners & Sponsors 

*Access to the Members Only section of the website (which has TONS of academic support resources; college scholarship & internship info; and summer enrichment opportunities for gifted students. 


Become a Member!

Membership in DMV NSBE, Jr. is open to all students in grades K-12 from the DC Metro Area. Regardless of race, ethnicity, culture, gender or physical ability (we even have a few families from West Virginia AND New Jersey) - NSBE, Jr. is for EVERYONE!  Our dynamic chapter is made of awesome families from the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia – so whether you attend pubic, public charter, private or home-school, we welcome you to join our family!

We’ve made the three-part process quick and simple. Please remember to complete all three steps for the benefits of full membership. 

Step 1: Registration with NSBE Nationals & Payment of National 

              Dues https://connect.nsbe.org/NewUser.aspx

Step 2: Payment of Local Chapter Dues (Determined by the               number of children enrolling from your immediate family)

Step 3: Completed Chapter Application & Program Registration               (Online - Auto-sent upon payment of chapter dues)

2019-20 Program Schedule & FAQ's

Weekend Schedule 

Saturday's 10am-6pm 

Sunday's 1-6pm 

**Each member's schedule is dependent on which teams, enrichment classes or activities they are registered.

**Each competition team will have a minimum of 2 parent-coaches & 1-2 team parents.  

Files coming soon.



Team Practices, Enrichment Classes & Workshops: When Do They Meet?

Many children in the DC Metro Area love STEM but may not want to be an engineer (or even know what engineers do).  For this reason, DMV NSBE, Jr. will offer a variety of STEM programming & other enrichment classes to our members.  To ensure that our members can participate in any of our chapter's programming AND outside extra-curricular activities; weekly team practices, enrichment classes, workshops and monthly chapter meetings will occur on the weekends:

 Chapter Meetings: 3rd Sunday of Each Month (4pm-6pm)

Our student-led chapter meetings are hands-on and intended for BOTH the student members AND their parents.  

Scheduling our programs on Saturday's & Sunday's gives students, parents & coaches the flexibility to have an enriching NSBE, Jr. experience while also giving them time to spend with family & nurture their non-STEM interests.

**2019-20 chapter schedule is available in the Member's Only section of our website; however teams & enrichment classes occur every Saturday (and most Sunday's); determined by the coaches/mentors & enrichment instructors.


How Can We Juggle It All?

Schedules for team practices & enrichment classes will be determined by the dedicated volunteer coaches & mentors serving our children.  From our experiences, the most successful NSBE, Jr. chapters also have a high percentage of parent-coaches who have children in the chapter.   DMV NSBE, Jr is a FUBU (For Us, By Us) organization, not a drop-off organization.  Parents are expected to be involved AND engaged on their child's team and in the chapter for it's ultimate success.  We hope you consider serving as a co-coach or team parent for one of your child's math or technical teams. 

Besides exploring engineering together & having fun guiding your child (& their teammates) in exciting hands-on STEM adventures - YOU, your co-coach and the parents on your child's team get to contribute input on the practice meeting schedule!  Ex: Will our VEX IQ team practice on Saturday's from 1pm-2:30pm or Sunday's 2pm-3:30pm.  Does this time work well for everyone on our team?  Does it conflict with my son's football & karate schedule?  Will my daughter be able to do Future City, Mandarin, a coding class and also gymnastics with her travelling club program?  


DMV NSBE, Jr is a FUBU (For US, By US) organization.  Our parent volunteers are the reason for the success of our organization and are expected to be involved & engaged.  DMV NSBE, Jr is NOT a drop-off organization. With the exception of some of our enrichment classes, the majority of our competition teams are led by volunteer parent coaches & team parents with support from Howard University & George Washington University mentors and STEM professionals.

 Consider Being a Coach!  Speak with one of the Chapter Advisors to Coach/Mentor a future scientist or mathematician now!

Forms of Payment Accepted:

DMV NSBE, Jr. accepts payment via PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Money Orders or Certified Bank Checks. Parents can make online chapter dues payments via the “Join NSBE’ page. All money orders & certified bank checks should be made out to: DMV NSBE, Jr. and should be sent to our mailing address:


3401 12th Street, NW

Suite #4520

Washington, DC 20017

**Be sure to include your children's names & their NSBE ID# with all forms of payment.

In person payments at chapter events can also be accepted via the same methods of payment, including in cash.  Receipts for all payments received will be distributed (upon request) during our monthly chapter meetings.


Important Note: A 2.9% fee is added to all payments made via PayPal, Visa or Mastercard.

Parents - Let’s work together to change the face of STEM through our children: 

Become a member of DMV NSBE, Jr. today!

NSBE Bridge Magazine!

Your child's NSBE, Jr. Membership also includes a subscription to NSBE Bridge Magazine!  Getting youngsters involved in math and sciences at an early age is key to the Society’s long-term success. NSBE Bridge addresses this need by introducing pre-college kids to all technology has to offer. Interactive experiments, college information and cultural “stuff” make the NSBE Bridge a must-read! NSBE Bridge magazine is published 3 times a year in Fall, Winter, and Summer. 

Enjoy some of NSBE's past editions of NSBE Bridge!

NSBE Bridge Winter 2017 (pdf)


NSBE Bridge Summer 2017 (pdf)


NSBE FIRE at the White House Fall 2014 (pdf)


NSBE 2014 Chapter of the Year (Syracuse) (pdf)


Summer Bridge 2013 (pdf)


Bio Mechanics & Heels NSBE 2012 (pdf)


Taking Action for Academic Excellence NSBE 2013 (pdf)