Metropolitan DC Links, Inc Partnership


NSBE Enters New Partnership with The Links, Inc.

NSBE Expands Its STEM Partnership With 

The Links, Incorporated 


Together, the national organizations promote and facilitate STEM education and career readiness for underrepresented minority students through the establishment of LINKS-NSBE Jr. chapters.

To bolster the partnership, The Links National STEM team set an ambitious goal to charter 75 LINKS-NSBE Jr. chapters by March 2020. As of December 2018, 70 LINKS-NSBE Jr. chapters are active across 24 states, including eight Central Area, 18 Western Area, 22 Eastern Area, and 22 Southern Area chapters. LINKS-NSBE Jr. chapters now account for a third of all NSBE Jr. chapters nationwide. And at least eight additional LINKS-NSBE Jr. chapters are in the process of being established.

During NSBE's March 2019 STEMulating Young Minds Institute Program in Detroit, MI, DMV NSBE, Jr Advisors began talks with members of the Metropolitan DC Links. Inc Chapter about partnering to provide more early exposure to STEM opportunities for the District's      

under-represented K-12 scholars.  This partnership was finalized in August 2019.


Metropolitan DC Links, Inc and DMV NSBE, Jr.


Partnering with NSBE allows chapters to tap into the technical and career resources of the larger NSBE network and to create positive peer interactions for students via NSBE Jr. conferences. DMV NSBE, Jr provides age-appropriate STEM programming for grades K through 12 plus NSBE scholarships and resources tailored to help prepare high school students for STEM majors in college. Links chapters can more easily share best practices when they use the same STEM programming, lessening the load on individual chapters to figure it all out for themselves.


Leading with Excellence, Serving with Grace

 The Links, Incorporated's Services to Youth Initiative focuses on providing a range of innovative, substantive and sustainable Pre-K-16 programming which contributes proven results to key educational or social/community issues.​    In addition to serving the 150+ youth members of this NSBE, Jr chapter, the Links, Inc-DMV NSBE, Jr. partnership will expose the scholars to HBCU colleges and universities; leadership & financial literacy workshops; as well as creates special professional development opportunities for Links.   Part of the goal is to showcase the LINKS-NSBE partnership as a model for other organizations to similarly establish NSBE Jr. chapters, thereby furthering our collective ability to prepare more African American youth for successful STEM careers.