NSBE 46 National Convention Payments

NSBE 46 Air Fare (Southwest)

It's the NSBE Event of the Year!


2019-20 DMV NSBE, Jr. chapter dues includes the student registration fee (Early Bird Rate) for the Annual National Convention.  

**All students participating on a competition based math or technical team are expected to join their teammates at this 5-day, fun-filled STEM convention celebrating & promoting Black Excellence in STEM.  

Our chapter will be in San Antonio, TX: Tuesday, March 24th - Sunday, March 29th

Additional Convention Costs: 

  1. Transportation:  Southwest Airfare to San Antonio, TX.   *The chapter has reserved two (2) R/T airline blocks (180 seats total: 90 on each flight) for the chapter.  The cost is $470 per person R/T and includes 2 pieces of luggage; name change ability; partial payment w/deposit)
  2. Hotel: The chapter has 100 discounted rooms blocked at 4 hotels: Hampton Inn; La Quinta Inn; Holiday Inn Market Downtown and Home2Suites.   To get the discounted rates, parents must reserve their rooms through the chapter (not directly with the hotel).  **Hotel Registration can only be done AFTER parents have paid for their convention registration through the chapter).  Information, including the reservation link, will be released in mid-December.  
  3. Parent Registration Cost: Student's convention Early Bird Registration fees are already covered in the chapter dues.  All parents/coaches must register through the chapter & can pay for their registration ($150) via PayPal on our website.  **Early Bird Registration Ends November 30th - so parents, please HURRY and register yourself ASAP!
  4. Meals: This year, convention registration fees only include daily lunch; breakfast (is at the hotel) and dinner & late night or extra snacks are the only additional "meal costs." 
  5. Sightseeing:  Any personal sightseeing in San Antonio, or Austin, TX will be additional.
  6. NSBE Souvenirs & Swag: The National Convention ALWAYS has great Black Owned vendors! 


Registration Costs: *Between 5/29 - 11/30 (Early Bird)

$100 (Students) *Included in chapter dues

$150 (Parent/Coach/Chaperone) 

*Parents must register by 11/30 in order for their scholar to get the Early Bird Rate.  

Otherwise, parents will incur the $100 difference in the student's registration cost.

$150 (Chapter Advisor)

*Between 11/30 - 2/20 (Regular)

$200 (Students) 

$150 (Parent/Coach/Chaperone) 

*Parents registering now will be charged $250 ($150 + $100 difference for their child's late registration fee) 

$150 (Chapter Advisor)

**After February 20th 1st (Late)

$300 (Students)

*Parents registering now will be charged $350 ($150 + $200 difference for their child's late registration fee) 

$150 (Parent/Coach/Chaperone)

$150 Chapter Advisor


Wakanda Forever!

The Annual Golden Torch Awards link the accomplishments of distinguished African-American engineers and technical professionals with college bound dreams of pre-college students. This red-carpet black tie affair serves as a night to honor the best & the brightest in technology.  


Battle of the High School Brains!

High school mathematicians from across the 5 NSBE Regions come together at Nationals to compete in the 

SAT Prep Math Olympiad Try-Math-a-Lon (TMAL). 


NSBE Nationals: What to Expect?

What's the Complete 411?

T-3 Months Until NSBE 46!

Stay tuned for more details about the 2018-19 National Conference in Detroit, MI.

  • San Antonio: To Fly With the Chapter or on My Own?
  • Hotel Reservations & Costs
  • What's Included in Registration?
  • Convention Attire: What Should I Pack?
  • Convention Code of Conduct
  • Scheduled College Tours: Trinity University and University of Texas San Antonio (UTSA)
  • Convention Family Fun: Zumba, Prom, PCI's Got Talent & Golden Torch
  • Chapter Sightseeing Events
  • Chapter Socials & Fellowship
  • Staying Connected During the Conference: DMV NSBE Group Me!
  • NSBE Guide: The App That Keeps You Organized & Connected!

Transportation Note:

Transportation to Nationals is an additional cost & based on your preference.  You can fly with the chapter or make your own flight arrangements.  **Due to the weight of the HS VEX Robots, the chapter will cover the cost of the robot air transport.

Chartered Airport Transfers: Chapter advisors are working on R/T Airport Transfers for those traveling on the "chapter flights."  We'll keep you posted on the cost per person, if there is one.

Countdown to NSBE 46

There's SO much to do & see during this 4-Day Convention.  As we get closer to convention time, the chapter will have special meetings to make sure our teams & parents are ready.

Additional up-to-the-minute information will also be posted here & can also be found by downloading the NSBE Guide App!

**Students attending the National Convention will miss 3-4 days of school (depending on when they arrive).  We will provide a formal NSBE Letter of Attendance to have your child's absence counted as "excused" since this is an academic & educational endeavor.  

Parents should however inform their child's school & teachers NOW so that a notation can be placed on file & make-up work/tests can be scheduled. 

45th NSBE National Convention


STEM Magic in the Motor City!

This year’s Annual NSBE Convention will be held on March 27th–31st, 2019, and promises to be the most exciting and rewarding yet. The PCI Conference will draw NSBE Jr. students and advisors, as well as other pre-college students and their parents and chaperones, from ALL over the country and beyond. Detroit provides great access to universities, science centers, museums and other venues of interest to conference participants. NSBE's  goal for PCI students is to leave the conference invigorated and excited to take the stay engaged in STEM and continue their journey into careers in science, technology, engineering and math.

Not everyone wants to be an engineer, however NSBE's Annual Convention helps K-12th Grade students see the endless possibilities in engineering and other STEM careers. 

Fun hands-on aerospace engineering activities

Engineering a Cultural Change

The 44th Annual National Convention in Pittsburgh, PA was an exciting event attended by 13K+ NSBE members from across the world. Converging in one city to compete against other teams, attend leadership workshops, dance the night away at the Junior Prom and perform in the PCI's Got Talent, NSBE, Jr. chapters were inspired being members of an organization that believes in uplifting African Americans in the fields of STEM.  


"NSBE Love" at Nationals

The National Society of Black Engineers, prides itself on its' academic accomplishments and efforts to increase the number of Black engineers.  NSBE, Jr's year-round STEM program provides our children with early exposure  to of our students to high quality  goal of the We want to prepare you to complete your STEM education, make a cultural impact in your communities and gain the knowledge and skills to succeed professionally. 

NSBE 44's Annual Convention was a phenomenal non-stop (no sleep) adventure that was truly inspiring to our PCI members & will forever impact their lives.  From connecting with teams within Region II to making new friends from other regions - everyone spread lots of “NSBE Love!”  Celebrating HS scholars receiving  NSBE college scholarships as well as  honoring Lifetime NSBE members whose financial sponsorship help NSBE fulfill it's mission.  The 45th Annual Convention in Detroit, MI promises to be the best convention yet so be sure to mark your calendars!

Learn More About NSBE's 45th Annual Convention!  

NSBE 46 National Convention Payments

NSBE 46 Southwest Air Fare Reservations