Math Tutoring & Enrichment


Building Confidence...

The elementary school years are a critical juncture for girls & students of color alike, when a love of math must be encouraged and nurtured so the fear of math can be be overcome. Children ages 8-10 don't dislike math, they just haven't had the right math mentors to help them see how truly fun math is!   Math Tutoring & Enrichment, for students in grades K-10,  is a non-competitive space where learning math is fun, social and supportive, so that every student becomes a lifelong math learner.    

Coming for Fall 2020!

**Additional nominal fee may apply 


Fall in Love With Math!

In this club atmosphere, children are able to enjoy playing together and improving their math skills.  In small groups to build camaraderie, students of all ability levels work collaboratively, build problem solving skills and positive attitudes about math.  The outcome? Dynamic Mathematical Visionaries: Students who embrace math challenges and expand their academic and career opportunities in the future.   


Prep for Math Counts!

Students in grades K-10 have the opportunity to receive personalized tutoring & play fun math games in a non-competitive, social environment.  Having this hands-on math reinforcement will build confidence and instill a love of math in preparation for Math Counts & joining a middle school team!  The goal is to make our kids Fit4Algebra: ensure they're in tip-top shape for Algebra by 7th grade, by using an engaging mix of activities to ensure their math muscles are strong and fit!  

Microsoft Code Academy


Tech Professionals are in High Demand

STEM fields of science, technology, engineering, and math are among the fastest-growing and highest-paying careers for college graduates, and with the pervasiveness of technology in our daily lives, learning to code is increasingly seen as foundational and essential for learning—not unlike reading, writing, and arithmetic.  

**Included in chapter dues & open to ALL DMV NSBE, Jr. Members.


Coding is an Essential Skill

With a rapidly shifting economy, educators and business leaders have increasingly recognized that Computer Science is a “new basic” skill necessary for economic opportunity.  In a January 2016 Weekly Address, President Obama stated, “In the new economy, computer science isn’t an optional skill – it’s a basic skill, right along with the three “Rs.”  

Nine out of ten parents want it taught at their children’s schools; sadly, however, only about a quarter of our K-12 schools offer computer science - and twenty-two states don’t even allow it to count toward a diploma. Giving all DMV NSBE, Jr. members the opportunity to learn to code early, helps close the digital divide and ensure a level playing field in this new economy.  


Coding for Every Age!

In partnership with B@M (Blacks at Microsoft), our coding classes are open to all DMV NSBE, Jr. members, grades K-12. Younger kids can learn coding fundamentals with easy to use drag and drop technology, while older kids can dive into HTML, JavaScript and Python for more advanced programming.  Your future programmer will move from just playing Roblox and Minecraft to designing their own video games, apps & websites! 



Mandarin & STEM

Discover a New Culture!

Discover a New Culture!

Tomorrow's STEM leaders must be able to compete, work & thrive in a globalized world with diverse, multilingual consumers and economies.   Developing second language communication & writing skills at an early age can enhance children's brain power; expand their circles of friends; and in the future, benefit their career. 

As one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, Mandarin is at the top of the list of languages to learn for those interested in a career in STEM.  

Our fun and interactive Mandarin lessons will give a foundation to help children succeed in conversational Chinese as a second language and set the path for success as a bilingual STEM innovator!

* **Additional nominal fee applies for this enrichment class.  Enrichment descriptions available for download at the bottom of this page.


Discover a New Culture!

Discover a New Culture!

Discover a New Culture!

Students taking this enrichment class will become future global citizens by learning through hands-on lessons enriched in cultural information; not only acquiring the language skills but cultural skills as well.  Fun facts about China, arts & crafts, and Chinese culinary lessons will be taught in a fun & friendly environment.

Students Will Learn:

  • Phrases: Learning Pinyin and Chinese phrases is a fun way to get familiar with and ease into the language.
  • Characters: Learning Chinese characters is a very important aspect of communicating in the Mandarin language.  
  • Pronunciation: How to correctly master the 4 tones & Chinese pronunciation in order to speak fluently. 
  • Culture: In order to master the language students must also learn about the history, traditions, & more!


For Advanced Students

Discover a New Culture!

For Advanced Students

Students more fluent in Mandarin can take the certification preparation classes to participant in the following tests:   


Students taking this certification prep class should have had at least 3-4 years of Mandarin language instruction.   

In addition to preparing students for certification, classes will focus more on improving conversational fluency through these four essential elements: 

  1. Speaking:  Speaking will build up vocabulary skills, practice tones & build comprehension. 
  2. Listening:  The more you hear phrases & words, it will seem more natural when you speak yourself.   
  3. Reading:  Students taking this class will move onto a higher level by reading Chinese newspaper articles.  
  4. Writing:  Writing  (character) practice is necessary; Chinese strokes can only be engraved into memory through repetition.   Short daily journal entries about the day, new words learned, or creative short stories will further help build fluency.  

STEP with HU's REVELution!


Open to students in Grades 5-12, students will learn the origins & history of Stepping in a nurturing environment while also building character and leadership skills that will enhance their academic performance in preparation for success in the real world. 

Through its' cultural origins, Stepping promotes a strong sense of pride and self-esteem.  Stepping will also:

  • Provide students with character building and strategies that will develop them as productive citizens
  • Promote sportsmanship and engage in appropriate conflict resolution when needed
  • Advocate healthy habits for youth through nutritional guidance, physical fitness and healthier living.

Step team members discover the fun, friendship, and innovation of working together to achieve a common goal.   Participating in step team programs helps students develop their full individual potential; relate to others with increasing understanding, skill, and respect; develop values to guide their actions and provide the foundation for sound decision-making.

Practiced by people of all ages from drill teams, churches, high schools to college fraternities and sororities and more, has become a world-wide phenomenon with the grand tradition of unity & camaraderie that has been passed through generations of organizations.  

Participants on the Step Team will learn how the body is used to make sounds through clapping, stomping and spoken word. While learning modern-day stepping, students will  uses elements of tap dancing, break dancing, gymnastics and Afro-Caribbean dance.  With the DMV NSBE, Jr. Step Team, the legacy of the art will continue to grow and reach new generations of young people who want to become our future scientists, engineers & STEM innovators.


Toastmaster's Gavel Club


Where Leaders Are Made

Skills to Last a Lifetime

Skills to Last a Lifetime

Teenagers are often more comfortable communicating electronically than speaking face to face. Yet many events in teenagers’ lives require interpersonal communication skills to be resolved successfully. Now, more than ever, they need guidance in developing their communication skills. 

As a world leader in communication and leadership development, Toastmasters help  members improve their speaking and leadership skills . 

The Youth Gavel Club is a Toastmasters club for students under 18.   Similar to adult Toastmasters clubs, youth members perform the same roles, and use the same manuals (CC & CL) as Toastmasters clubs.  What's great is that participants increase their self-confidence as they become better speakers and leaders.


Skills to Last a Lifetime

Skills to Last a Lifetime

Skills to Last a Lifetime

Toastmasters Core Values:





Through the Toastmasters Gavel Club, participants learn to:

*Overcome nervousness when speaking before an audience.

*Organize and present ideas logically and convincingly.

*Listen carefully to others’ ideas.

*Participate in and lead group discussions or meetings.

*Offer advice to help others improve their speaking and leadership skills.

All these skills are necessary for earning a living in today’s competitive job market, but are also essential for maintaining healthy personal relationships and achieving academic goals in middle & high school, as well as college.


Empowerment & Leadership

Skills to Last a Lifetime

Empowerment & Leadership

The world needs more STEM leaders. These leaders must not only be innovators in engineering, science & technology, but they must also be great communicators. By regularly giving speeches, gaining feedback, leading teams and guiding their peers to achieve their goals in a supportive atmosphere, youth leaders will emerge from our Toastmasters Gavel Club program. 

Whether you have a chance to serve as the Grammarian, Wizard of Ah's, the Timekeeper or Master of Table Topics -   participants in the Gavel Club will  learn beneficial skills for Middle & High School; Scouting, 4H or other youth organizations - like how to speak more effectively, conduct meetings, plan programs and work on committees.   

The Gavel Club will empower its' members to find their voice on their 

path to leadership. 

Enrichment Program Tuition

Many of our enrichment classes, leadership workshops and special events are INCLUDED in the annual Chapter Dues.  There are a few enrichment classes however, like Mandarin; Spanish; Accelerated Math; and the Engineering, Art & Design class that do incur an additional fee.  

Learn more about our innovative NEW STEAM class (Engineering, Art & Design) taught by School Without Walls' Art Teacher, Mr. Cunningham as well as our Intro to Mandarin Class, taught by certified Mandarin Teacher, Ms. Margaret Huang and Hablemos Con DMV NSBE, Jr taught by certified Linguist & Spanish Teacher Coral DeJesus. 


Parents Can Download Class Syllabi & Pay for Those Enrichment Classes Here:

2019-20 Mandarin Schedule & Tuition (pdf)


2019-20 Spanish Schedule & Tuition (pdf)


Engineering, Art & Design Schedule & Tuition (pdf)


Pay for Enrichment Classes Here

Engineering, Art & Design


Sneaker Design Concepts & Process Workshop

This class introduces students to a guided investigation of basic design concepts and techniques of visual organization. Design is the creative planning and execution of visual communication. One learns to create a combination of shapes, forms, words and images, in order to reproduce them in some flat medium (illustration board, paper or fabric ) or in a three-dimensional form/shape in order to convey information to a targeted audience. 

All design has a purpose or function. Usually its' purpose is to explain something aesthetically, to express, inform, and influence the thoughts and actions of its audience.  Through Design Process, students will be introduced to functional art work, intended to communicate information and complex design concepts. Students will employ a variety of  mixed-media techniques (drawing with pencil, paint and paper, etc.) in a studio environment. 


Real World Engineering & Art

Just like the top designers & graphic artists of world renowned companies, DMV NSBE, Jr members will: 

  • Investigate the Visual Elements of Form and Basic Design Principles as applied to two dimensional problem   solving .  
  • Be a constructive participant in the workshop.  Each student’s active presence benefits the creative environment of the entire workshop.    

This enrichment class is open to mature and artistically focused 5th-12th Grade students (and their parents) who can be utilize in-workshop time towards the completion of directed exercises and/ design projects.  

  • Students should respond with critical observation to their peer’s work as well as their own.  Students should utilize the resources of the class to supplement individual understanding and classroom involvement.
  • Understand the value and necessity of seeking your own answers to questions concerning design skills and concepts.
  • Understand and skillfully apply various techniques in the production and presentation of art/design work.
  • Demonstrate the ability to research solutions and resolve problems with ideas that communicate in an original and effective manner.


Designing & STEM Innovation

At the end of our semester long engineering & design process, students (and/or parents) will be able to demonstrate a working process utilizing techniques covered in our workshop: 

  • Level of involvement in the process. 
  • Strength of design (includes presentation/craftsmanship). 
  • Response to and use of critical suggestions in an effective manner.
  • Adherence to assigned parameters.

Black History Quiz Bowl


A Rich History, Culture & Heritage

 “A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin, and culture is like a tree without roots.”  ~Marcus Garvey


In an effort to encourage students to gain a deeper knowledge of their history and the amazing contributions that Africans and African-Americans have given to American society, the Black History Quiz Bowl was created as a a friendly competition to provide the opportunity to engage the community in supporting the efforts of youngsters as they gain significant knowledge which will encourage further study of the beauty & greatness of the African Diaspora.


Black History Quiz-Bowl Inspired

The Black History Quiz Bowl is a year-round program where children in grades K-12 learn the history of the African Diaspora that includes a friendly competition in February.  Divided into four, grade-level sections (K-2; 3-5; 6-8; 9-12), students form teams that study from an extensive resource packet that contains a myriad of information on the rich culture, heritage and accomplishments of Africans and African Americans - allowing students to build their knowledge, boost their self-esteem, and teach them the value of team work. 


If You Want To Go Far, Go Together...

Participants in Black History Quiz Bowl  will become more self-confident & grow in their self-esteem while also becoming well versed in their history.  Knowing the great men and women of their culture further equipped students with the tools to reach new academic heights.  Centered on a seventy-year period (1900's-2018), Black History Quiz Bowl will also build stronger generational relationships within families: participant's grandparents, great aunts & uncles will be able to serve as a major reference points for studying our rich history!

An added benefit of the Quiz Bowl is the emphasis on team learning - the same principles of positive sportsmanship learned in athletic activities. Team learning is important because to be successful, each member of the team must work together to learn all of the same information.   The team is strengthened as it shares information; strengthened to compete and better prepared to share their knowledge.